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How to Choose Resume Writer

Many people don’t know what to ask and what qualifications to look for in a professional resume writer. The competition is wild and you certainly want to win the race and get the dream job. There is only one main question – who is the best resume writer to help you flatten that competition? With ResumeBestWriters.com you can save your time and avoid all unnecessary problems. Visit our website to see the variety of professional resume writers reviews to make your perfect choice!

To Pay or Not to Pay

When you are ready to pay money to get a shiny new CV, it certainly has to be better than the one your friend offers you to do for free. However, the truth is job hunters can get burned whether they waste their money or get a freebie.

The more time you spend communicating with career coaches and professional resume writers, the more frequently you hear stories about people who wasted their money on an expensive coaching package and received a poor resume instead. It doesn’t really matter how much a resume costs. Look through our review of the Great Resumes Fast company and compare the prices with a few other companies to see the difference.

Beware of Unemployed Writers

Bear in mind that today a lot of unemployed people are trying to set up a company as resume writers.

“Nowadays, a lot of out-of-work employees are presenting themselves as resume writers. However, I’ve seen their work and must say it’s well below par, so job seekers should beware,” said Kathy Robinson, a business and career consultant, the founder of the TurningPoint career coaching firm.

Unemployed professionals can even get certified, but that also isn’t a sufficient recommendation to cash out without first asking some good questions about a writer’s qualifications and background. That’s why it’s worth to look for help only in qualified and professional companies.

What to Look For

Sharon Delay, a certified career coach and professional CV writer, suggests the following list of qualifications to ask from a resume writer:

Certification: Try to find a writer with a certification or training from an independent organization like the Professional Association of Resume Writers and Career Coaches.

Recommendations: Try to find a writer by asking recommendation and referrals from your friends and colleagues who have already used the resume writer with good results.

What to Ask

The Google search may find you lots of links to various sites but who is the best resume writer. ResumeBestWriters understands how difficult it might be to select the most genuine resume writing services. That’s why our resume writers reviews are honest and aren’t supported financially or paid by any of the companies.

When were you certified? This question will help you select only those writers who were certified not earlier than three or four years ago. This means they keep up with changes in resumes and are able to implement the current trends in writing CV. For instance, resume writers who were certified much earlier may use an objective statement instead of a descriptive title and/or an executive summary. These are some of the changes that happened in the past few years.

What will I get in return for the resume fee? All you want to receive is a consultation and the right to edit a draft version.

To sum up, we recommend you to use some of these tips and think twice before making your choice in favor of any company or resume writer. Meanwhile, you can check the review based on the thorough research of our professional team.